Who We Are

Susannah Herrada, Research Specialist and Media Writer

Susannah embodies the term "creative writer." Whether she is sharing stories from the road, blogging on the highs and lows of parenthood and marriage, or reviewing the best techniques and materials for do-it-yourself home projects, her transparent take on life keeps readers engaged, entertained, and sometimes shedding tears.

Although she kicked off her writing career rather inauspiciously in preschool with a run-on sentence about a flying horse, she has given up wide-ruled paper in favor of her Dell tablet, which she takes on the road so that her experiences may be "saved, caught and pinned under glass, hoarded against the winter of forgetfulness," as Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said.

Susannah has written for The Washingtonian, Alexandria Living, AAA World, USAA Magazine, Home & Design, and Huntington Quarterly. When it comes to corporate writing, her expertise are wide-ranging. She has crafted content on everything from the intricacies of app development and the nuances of working with precast concrete to contemporary design trends and global travel.

When she's not trying to make the rest of us think IT is sexy, Susannah engages in a fair amount of globetrotting, having traveled in more than 50 countries, much of it as an immersion traveler. With husband and kids in tow, she spends almost a third of every year on the road and has traveled through Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America.