Case Study

Gabby Home

Positioning Gabby Home as a Leading
Luxury Furniture Company

Photo: Gabby Catalog

Gabby Home is quickly becoming a leader in the furniture and accessories trade. A family-owned company (which includes luxury outdoor furniture subsidiary, Summer Classics), Gabby creates unique, high-end transitional and vintage-inspired furniture for the design and retail markets. The company brought Editorial Director Claire Vath on in 2013 to help with corporate communications and company brand building, with emphasis on creating a story around Gabby's "Eclectic" furniture line, which incorporated unexpected materials, textures, and finishes in everything from occasional tables to sofas, chandeliers, and buffets.

Photo: Gabby website

Telling the Company Story

Vath, who has a background in both public relations and magazine editorial, used her experience to help craft the company’s message. Storytelling is a powerful, but sometimes underutilized tool in public relations, but it is a crucial way to connect potential customers to a company or brand. A connection to a company equals brand loyalty and a willingness to invest in that company. Gabby Home prides itself on well-crafted, luxury furniture, and Claire’s role was to carefully craft those messages via blog posts, press releases, product descriptions and website copy to help those in the trade discover what makes the company unique and how Gabby’s line can function in a variety of spaces.


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