Copyediting Services


Do you lack an in-house editor? Do you need an editorial professional to get that team-produced white paper in line with house style and consistent in its messaging? Or do you want someone to craft your memoir into a more compelling read?

Hire the seasoned copy editors at WWM to get your content in shape before you share it with the world, whether you need a basic proofread or intensive line editing.

WWM specializes in AP and Chicago styles, and we’re accustomed to working with in-house style guides. We have more than four decades of experience editing copy for print magazines, trade journals, white papers, books, and digital and marketing collateral. Our editing clients run the gamut from C-level executives and financial companies to major media outlets and content marketing firms.

Check out our services (available under retainer or by the hour):

Line Editing
WWM's line-editing services are for those needing comprehensive editing services. We’ll check for typos and punctuation issues, rewrite awkward sentences, adjust organizational structure, check for consistency in voice and tone, fact check, and edit for general clarity.

With a full copy edit, WWM will fix punctuation, grammar, repetition, and misspellings; fact-check your content; search for inconsistencies in messaging; and review folios, page numbers, and tables of content. Copyediting services are ideal for those projects that mostly have style and flow down pat but just need an extra read-through.

If you’re an ace storyteller but just want a read-behind to double- or triple-check for typos, extra spaces, and punctuation errors, WWM’s got you covered, there, too.