Case Study


Drafting Digital Marketing Campaigns in Precision Agriculture

Photo: Scale Tec Case Study

A developer of custom scale solutions that combine remote-sensing technology and GPS with a harvest inventory management system, Scale-Tec provides smart scale products to help producers manage harvest time and livestock more efficiently.

Launching a campaign for harvest time

With the debut of a new remote-sensing application for grain carts known as PULSE, Scale-Tec wanted to launch two summer ad campaigns to spur row-crop farmers to adopt its scale technology solutions for a more seamless grain harvest experience come fall. The company also had a secondary goal of inspiring operating equipment manufacturers to partner with them in building precision ag offerings for customers. WWM developed two pre-harvest season campaigns to promote Scale-Tec’s products, both individually and as a suite of programs, to both B2C and B2B audiences, through digital ads, web advertorial, online video, and direct mail.

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