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Hibbett | City Gear

Building Brand Identity

Photo: Hibbet Web Content

With more than 1,000 retail locations across the country, Hibbett | City Gear is a premier seller of athletic apparel and sneakers. Focused on reaching smaller markets underserved by big-box sports stores, Hibbett | City Gear provides athletic gear, limited-edition sneaker releases, and clothing from leading-edge brands like Under Armour, Nike and adidas.

WWM helps create the bulk of Hibbett | City Gear’s website content, including category content, resource pages, and blog posts.

Photo: Hibbet Blog

Setting the Tone

Since 2017, WWM has provided multifaceted sales content, just recently helping Hibbett | City Gear place new emphasis on its exclusive access to sneakers. That includes heritage brands like Jordan, Nike, and adidas along with newer branded spinoffs and colorways from some of the NBA’s hottest players, including Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kawhi Leonard.

Targeting a younger, more influencer-driven audience, WWM creates SEO-driven sneaker releases that speak to the Gen X and Gen Z populations, while crafting lifestyle blogs geared toward fitness and athleisure enthusiasts.

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