Who We Are

Courtney Darling, Director of Design and Website Development

Courtney is a design chameleon, nimbly shifting styles to capture a brand’s personality – whether buttoned-up corporate or glossy e-commerce. The stories she tells with images, color, and type are vivid, detailed, and memorable.

They are also organized, strategic, and geared to results. Equal parts artist and pragmatist, Courtney designs websites to be not only visually impactful but intuitively easy to navigate and understand. In print, she grabs the eye but also guides it along, ensuring that the message hits its mark.

Courtney leads website design and development, including creation of custom content management systems for clients, graphic design for brochures, reports, newsletters, and print ads. She brings expertise to every phase of the project, from concept to programming, ensuring that approved designs benefit from the latest technology and transfer seamlessly to the web. She also works closely with printers, guarding the design integrity of the finished piece.

Like Deborah, Courtney started her career in the railroad industry. Fifteen years later, she has built a diverse and high-profile client base that has included Trump Organization, Cingular, Merck, Pfizer, The Kellwood Company, and Madison Square Garden. She has also gained national recognition, winning multiple W3 Awards, Webby Awards, and a Davey Award, to name a few.


  • 2016 Silver Winner, Davey Award for Website Excellence: democracyclothing.com
  • 2015 Silver Winner, W3 and Davey Awards: dramywechsler.com
  • 2015 Silver Winner, W3 Website Excellence Awards: writewellmediallc.com
  • 2014 Gold Winner, W3 Website Excellence Awards: skyniceland.com
  • 2013 Gold Winner, W3 Website Excellence Awards: aammanagement.com
  • 2013 Silver Winner, W3 Website Excellence Awards: blog.skyniceland.com
  • 2012 Gold Winner, W3 Website Excellence Awards: propel-ant.com
  • “Official Webby Honoree,” 11th Annual Webby Awards: Luxoriocondos.com
  • “Webby Worthy,” 9th Annual Webby Awards: skynICELAND.com