Who We Are

Dorothy Stephenson, Creative Content Producer and Designer

As a web and graphic designer, digital marketer, and content creator, Dorothy spends a lot of time in front of a computer, but her expertise extends far beyond WordPress and Facebook.

Growing up on a cattle operation in the mountains of Virginia taught her the meaning of hard work, dedication, innovation, and getting the job done correctly and efficiently. Those ethics followed Dorothy into adulthood, and she now runs three successful businesses — a cattle operation, a dance studio specializing in clogging, and a studio crafting content for an array of corporate clients and small businesses, ranging from athletic wear companies and real estate organizations to maple sugar camps and lavender farms. 

Having virtually grown up on the back of a horse, it’s unsurprising Dorothy’s journalism background includes publication credits withThe Progressive Farmer, America's Horse, and the American Farriers Journal. 

As a small business owner herself, Dorothy understands the power of doing things right on time the first time, which makes her right at home with all the Type A personalities at WWM. Additionally, Dorothy, like Creative Director Deborah Huso, is a big fan of the Oxford comma….

Connect with Dorothy at dstephenson@wwmdigital.com