Who We Are

R. Alan Johnson, Director of Information Technology

Alan has been working in technology and project management longer than some of the other members of this team have been potty trained. He began his lifelong love/hate relationship with computers when he and his mother learned to program them together (many decades ago, of course).

Throughout college and graduate school, he continued to hone his skills in the technology arena and has since been employed as a technologist and engineering manager in a variety of domains, including accounting, environmental chemistry, chemical manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, and the defense industries to name but a few. Along the way, he’s built high performing web sites, e-commerce, and other business systems for (among others) some of the most recognized firms in the coastal resort real estate market; his defense work we can’t talk about, but suffice it to say it's been equally substantial.

He has over a decade of experience providing business development services, program and project management, and multi-level customer contact through the Senior Executive Service (SES) level for the military-industrial complex and associated government businesses.  He has an additional 20 years’ experience in design and development of advanced IT systems geared to support Defense and Homeland Security law enforcement and intelligence systems, medical informatics and medical device control systems, and chemical and radiochemical laboratory information management systems in the field of environmental science.

As a defense contractor, Alan has worked with a number of large and small businesses, including QBase, Oracle, and Scientific Research and Corporation.

These days Alan focuses on big data analytics and development of project/customer management systems for our diverse client base while at the same time helping to transform WWM into an even faster, more efficient, crazy responsive/customer focused organization than it already is...if that’s even possible given all the Type As around here....